Friday, 1 July 2022

Redhouse Barns, Newport Wetlands NNR, 30th June 2022

I ran the Robinson MV overnight and this morning recorded just 31 species,  but it was quality, not quantity (although for some species it was both!)  It was a colourful trap with 9 Elephant Hawkmoths, 5 Garden Tiger Moths and 5 Cinnabars. Other highlights were a Brussel's Lace, a Kent Black Arches, a White Satin Moth, a Lobster Moth and 2 Round-winged Muslins. New for the year were a Yellow-tailed Moth and Square-spot Rustic.

Elephant Hawkmoth and Garden Tiger Moth

White Satin Moth

Round-winged Muslin

Kent Black Arches

Lobster Moth

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