Macro-moth VC 35: Species List; Distribution; and, Flight Periods

2020 Macro-moth Distribution Maps (1km square basis)

(Under construction)

A-B: Alder Kitten to Buttoned Snout

C-D: Cabbage Moth to Dwarf Pug

E-F: Early Grey to Frosted Orange

G-H: Galium Carpet to Huming-bird Hawkmoth

I-J: Ingrailed Clay to Juniper Pug 

K-L: Kentish Glory to Lychnis

M-N: Magpie to Nut-tree Tussock

O-P: Oak Beauty to Puss Moth

Q-R: Red Chestnut to Rustic Shoulder Knot

S-T: Sallow to Twin-spotted Wainscot

U-V: Uncertain to V-Pug

W-Z: Water Carpet to Yellow-tail