Monday, 16 May 2022

Highlights from the previous week in Blackwood

 The weather on the night of 9th May was initially promising - with temperatures set to remain in double-figures and plenty of cloud cover, but the breezy conditions meant the haul wasn't quite as great as expected, nevertheless there were enough additions to the year list to keep me contented. The real highlight was a very fresh adult Mullein.

The list of moths was as follows:-

Spruce Carpet (1); Golden-rod Pug (1), Brimstone Moth (5); Peppered Moth (1); Waved Umber (1); Lunar Marbled Brown (1); Pebble Prominent (1); Pale Tussock (1); Orange Footman (1); Knot Grass (1); Mullein (1); Treble Lines (1); Common Quaker (1); Heart and Dart (1) and Shuttle-shaped Dart (3).

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