Monday, 16 May 2022

Moths at RSPB Newport Wetlands - Sunday 8th May, the best haul yet for 2022

 Since I was due to attend a First Aid Course for Volunteers at the Visitor Centre on Monday 9th May, I jumped at the chance to put the trap out overnight in the compound when asked on Sunday. It was one of those 'Bingo!' moments the following morning with 27 species present in the trap including the first Poplar and Eyed Hawk-moths of 2022. Other additions to the year list were May Highflyer, Latticed Heath, Cabbage Moth and a pristine Clay.

Other highlights were Waved Umber, Chocolate-tip, and the most numerous moth Pale Prominent (8).

And during the lunchtime break for the course I saw a what proved to be too active to photograph Small Yellow Underwing, a new species for me.

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