Saturday, 22 July 2017


Now i have invested in a generator i took a set of tubes out mobile mothing on 21.7.17. It had been windy and rain for most of the day but a weather window from 2100 was on the cards. Sure enough the wind dropped off to nothing and it stopped raining.

I set up 4 x 30w actinic tubes on a sheet put over a picnic table in a woodland clearing with a friend who has just started to get into moths. 200 moths of 30 species dropped onto the sheet by 0200.

I have never seen so many Black Arches before, 30 male & 1 female covered the sheet. Other highlights and nfy moths were:- Blomer's Rivulet, Purple Thorn, Large Emerald, Mocha, Evergestis pallidata & Coxcomb Prominent.


  1. Welcome to the world of mobile nothing Mel. Looks a good set up!

  2. Mothing not nothing - darn autocorrect!

  3. Thanks George. Am looking foward to mothing in some different habitats and potting some new species....

  4. Hi Mel its a different world out believe me!
    I have seen E. pallidata a few times in the daytime, disturbed often from bramble but never actually trapped one yet.


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