Friday, 21 July 2017

June 2017

Scarce Hook-tip findings in V35.

The opportunity of finding Scarce Hook-tip is more than likely over for another season, especially so as there seems to be a theme of early emergences this year.
Indeed this appears possibly to be case when I checked over four sites this year for this moth.
One site remained unchanged but if we took in to consideration the other three then some supporting evidence emerges.
The only small issue arises where the dates I checked/found these sites differs slightly. In 2016 it spanned June 22nd- July 11th, and this year 2017 dates spanned June 13th-22nd although this could be argued in itself as evidence. The time remaining on each site was about the same for each year. 
I've come up with some figures based on both this year and last year just to compare for interest.

Total numbers recorded at four sites.

Site 1. 2016- 8. 2017- 12.
Site 2. 2016- 4. 2017- 17.
Site 3. 2016- 1. 2017- 6.
Site 4. 2016- 1. 2017- 1.

It could argued there are improved numbers, that the moth is becoming more established and looking at the totals there is a suggestion of this, however it could be simply a case that my timing at these sites this year was more in tune to their emergence, who knows.
One thing that surely is of importance here for this Red Data Book moth is that there are greater numbers at these sites than was originally thought apart from one.
Site 4 is a little strange in that Scarce Hook-tip is present, but at low density.
I personally don't believe this a correct representative figure and there are a few more individuals but still at low numbers. Lime trees were removed from this site this year (possibly by persons unbeknown as to their importance) but hopefully it should not affect it overall.   

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  1. Nice results Nick. I'll look forward to getting the full records from Martin in due course.

    I suspect the higher numbers are a result of it having a good year, like most other moths, due to better than average weather.


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