Saturday, 22 July 2017

7th July

Least Carpet established here?

Its amazing what you can find when you go for a wander into Chepstow town for shopping or a simple leisurely stroll.
This year I already have seen Fern, Mocha, Scorched Carpet, Treble-brown Spot, Sycamore and Scarlet Tiger amongst others in the town.
Today the 7th July I was finding a few moths about once more in the heart of the town.
On this stroll my wife and I decided we would take a look at the river before heading back.
I always am on the look out for moths and low and behold below a strip-light for a public house sign was a tiny moth. It was difficult to see but I immediately knew it was important with the darker markings towards the top forewings. Excitement swept over me when after taking several pictures Least Carpet came into larger view on my camera.
I knew it was possibly around after visiting the Norfolk Moth site that week when they had a sighting, but really had not expected this.

My wife said that we needed provisions so we diverted our course to Tesco's.
On our way we took the subway just off Nelson Street to avoid traffic. I always look in here and immediately to my left yet another shock awaited me in the form of another Least Carpet which was perched on the paint work. A great opportunity to get a close up.

Martin Anthony found one in 1991 I believe and I did see one in the town three years ago in 2014.
Finding 2 in one day seems absolutely incredible given previous sightings of years apart and of just singles.
It is classified as local nationally but in Vice county 35 it surely is 'red data book rare' at present until maybe we can conjure up more sightings.
To put it in perspective; You are more likely to find Scarce Hook-tip than Least Carpet in the county.
It may be bold of me but perhaps it is indeed established here at Chepstow or immediate vicinity with this additional sighting.


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  1. Well done Nick. I've been waiting for Least Carpet to arrive here at Dingestow, hot on the heels of Small Dusty Wave. The latter arrived about 4 years ago and is now commonplace in my garden. Least Carpet is an increaseing species nationally, so I suspect it's just getting established in Chepstow. I will redouble my efforts to spot one!