Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Lundy Moth'ing

I spent 3 nights on Lundy Island between 15th and 18th July, and recorded a few moths at the lights of our accommodation in the St John's Valley.  Highlights were the Gelechid Nothris congressariella, which is a specialist of Lundy and Scilly because of the restricted range of its foodplant Balm-leaved Figwort, a Mullein Wave, and the cognata form of Tawny Speckled Pug (which really threw me!).  Supporting case included a Ling Pug, lots of Brussels Lace (presumably the two Gwent records originate from the north Devon/Somerset coast), a resting Hummer, and cases of Luffia ferchaultella on our accommodation wall.  Next time I visit Lundy I'm tempted to take an MV trap...



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  1. Exciting about the Nothris!

    Brussels Lace is becoming commoner along the Glamorgan coast, including as far east as Lavernock Point, so the Gwent specimens may have originated from Wales...or maybe it's now establishing itself in Gwent too.