Monday, 19 June 2017

Spatalistis bifasciana near Grosmont

Half and hour mothing in the Tresenny lane, just south of Grosmont in late afternoon sunshine on the swelteringly hot 19th June 2017 produced 16 species of Micro, along with Yellow Shell and Snout.  This site is in SO42, in NE-most Monmouthshire: one of the most under-recorded squares in the whole county.  The entire 10km square had just 38 recorded species of Micro, and both of the 1km squares I visited (SO4023 and SO4024) had no moth records at all!  All but one of the Micros I saw were new for the VC35 bit of SO42, the exception being Olindia schumacheriana as I saw that near Skenfrith last year. 

Highlight was a stunning Spatalistis bifasciana (photo above) - a Tortricid with just 2 previous Gwent records, both from the Wye Valley, and a species I've never seen before.  It was swept from a sparsely vegetated lane bank through mixed woodland.  Also of note were mines of Mompha langiella on Enchanter's Nightshade: this has 8 previous Gwent records but only one of those was away from Dingestow.  A Paraswammerdamia nebulella swept from Hawthorn was peculiar because both of its forewings were recurved at the tip!  Visits like this are great for filling in gaps.

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