Saturday, 17 June 2017

Hummers by day and warmth by night

MV trapping at Dingestow on two warm nights produced about 70 species each time, with a few local wanderers but none of the migrants I was hoping for.  However, a Hummingbird Hawk-moth flew north through the garden on the afternoon of 17/6, and the same or another was seen near the GWT office that evening by one of our holiday guests.

Blotched Emerald (photo) (very rare at Dingestow until 2016) appeared both nights, as did Beautiful Hook-tip.  Another Scythropia crataegella on 14/6 and two more Heart & Club (photo) on 16/6 suggest that both are becoming commoner here.  14/6 also produced a Synchopacma larseniella/cinctella, a Dioryctria abietella (photo), 2 Ancylis achatana (photo) and an white Coleophora that needs to be checked.  My second garden record of Mocha (photo) and 2 Pretty Chalk Carpet (photo) were additional highlights on 16/6.  Other people are catching nice migrants, but they aren't (yet) appearing here.



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