Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Mega night at Dingestow - 3 moths new for the site

Lots of south Wales moth'ers are reporting a good diversity of moths in the heatwave, and that was certainly true at Dingestow on 19th June.  60 species of Macro and 40 species of Micro was a good tally, although absolute numbers were relatively low; 1000s of Caddis and beetles meant the trap was bouncing though.  It's hard to pick the highlight, but 4 species stand out: Round-winged Muslin was the 387th Macro for Dingestow; Small Elephant Hawkmoth was only my 2nd record here; Monochroa lucidella was Dingestow's 511th Micro; and Phtheochroa rugosana was the site's 512th Micro.  I was probably most excited about the Phtheochroa, because this extraordinary bird-poo Tortricid was caught by two other Gwent moth'ers earlier this year and I exchanged jealous emails with them!


Supporting cast included 3 Blotched Emerald, 2 Blue-bordered Carpet, 2 Figure-of-80, 1 Miller, 5 Heart & Club, 1 Scallop Shell, 1 Green Arches, 2 Small Yellow Wave, 1 Achroia griseella, 3 Scythropia crataegella, 2 Eudonia delunella and 2 Eudona pallida.

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