Thursday, 15 June 2017

New V35 county Micro confirmed

May 18th

Last month I tried a new spot to set up a trap, 'completely off the cuff' so to speak.
It surprised me just what turned up there, some new encounters.
The highlight of the evening ended up being a new micro to me although at the time it was not the case.
In fact it very nearly did not end up on the list for the night at all, for I had packed up my kit and was about the turn the ignition key in car when an outline of a small micro on the front windscreen captured my attention.
I raced around and coaxed it into a moth pot and thought nothing of it until the morning when I photographed it.
Pammene truniana (Maple Piercer) 'Scarce A' micro

After photographing it and a look around in my book, I came to the conclusion that Pammene regiana looked correct.
I had to send a gallery of micro moths pictures off to Sam Bosanquet a day or so later and decided at the last minute to include it, to get it confirmed as it was new to me.
He was happy with all my other suggestions of the other moths bar this one.
That's a Pammene truniana he said and a new micro for the county.

Apparent there are very few Welsh records and not a great deal of records Nationally from what I can gather on-line etc.(although I might be corrected on that) The micro tends to remain towards the top of Field Maple trees by day and occasionally it comes to light.
Considering there is quite a bit of Field Maple around it seems a bit odd it has not turned up more frequently.

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  1. A very nice find, Nick. Pammene includes some beautiful Torts, and some much trickier Ines. From memory, there's a recent Carms record of trauniana, but it isn't listed in Moths of Glamorgan.