Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Praying for better weather

I wouldn't normally have trapped last night (12/6) as it was quite cool, but we had holiday guests staying and I wanted to show them some moths.  In the end it was pretty mediocre, with 32 species, but our guests liked the furry Pale Tussock, twig-like Buff-tip and black & white Small Ermine.  My highlights were a Hawthorn Moth (Scythropia crataegella), which I have only seen once before at Dingestow and there are only 8 previous Gwent records, and 2 Heart & Club, which is my first here since 2007 and only the 3rd Dingestow record.  Both are presumably wanderers from the south of the county, but I wonder whether they might become established here if there's continued climate change...

It's always a bad sign when I start looking at Caddis rather than moths, because it indicates there aren't enough ID challenges among the moths in the trap!  A Phrygaena grandis was no ID problem though!

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