Thursday, 22 October 2015

ABERGAVENNY October 2015

Ran our MV 3 times recently, for macros.  Smallish catches compared to some in the south of the County, but pleasing to still be getting new ones for us as we are coming up to two years of trapping.

3rd October
LYU x 8;  Black Rustic x 1;  Rustic x 1;  Silver Y x 1; Sallow x 1 (new to us); Brown-spot Pinion x 1;  Common Marbled Carpet x 5;  Red-green Carpet x 2;  Red Underwing x 1.      TOTAL 21

14th October
Common Marbled Carpet 2;  LYU x 1; Beaded Chestnut x 2 (new to us); Blair's Shoulder-knot x 3;  Black Rustic x 1;  Red-line Quaker x 1 (new to us).    TOTAL 10

19th October
LYU x 1;  Red-line Quaker x 3;  Beaded Chestnut x 3;  Common Marbled Carpet x 2;  Lesser Yellow Underwing x 1;  Sallow x 1; Grey Shoulder-knot x 1 (new to us); Green-brindled Crescent x 1 (new to us); Red-green Carpet x 2   TOTAL 15

Val & Mike
Green-brindled Crescent

Grey Shoulder-knot

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