Friday, 23 October 2015

Mining near Llangua

A brief stop in a layby near Llangua produced 9 Lepidoptera leafmines, all of which were new for the VC35 part of hectad SO32.  This is a pathetically under-recorded square, with just 24 species of Micro recorded, mostly from Cwmyoy - I need to stop a few times this autumn for miners and then over next year for other Micros.  They were: Stigmella lemniscella (photo, on Elm), S. floslactella (Hazel), Phyllonorycter acerifoliella (Field Maple), S. aurella (photo, on Agrimony and S. splendidisimella not entirely ruled out), Lyonetia clerkella (Cherry), Phyllonorycter ulmifoliella (Birch), S. oxyacanthella (Hawthorn), S. hybnerella (Hawthorn) & Parornix anglicella (Hawthorn). 

There are still many common species on common host trees to find in this square, and then there's the even more pathetically under-recorded SO42 (18 species of Micro) and the fairly hopeless SO31 (60 species of Micro): I/we have an awful lot still to do in NE Gwent!

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  1. Good work Sam, I reckon you could be getting the hang of this leaf-mining lark!

    I did not realise you find out so much from looking at the leaves. It has me intriuged and I may attempt to search for some myself.