Thursday, 22 October 2015

Sunday 18th October

Black Rock, Portskewett

Rather some interesting characters around at Black Rock on Sunday evening, some of the human kind and more interestingly of the lepidoptera kind.
Many of the younger generation seemed to have a meet here this evening, with a humm and rev of car engines, plenty of talking and chuckling, probably induced by something a few of them were smoking, still, they were harmless enough and did not bother me.
With the trap it was a last minute decision to go to Black Rock because Wentwood was the original destination.
The change of mind was forced upon me due to me forgetting a piece of kit, of all things the blasted Battery!! Had to race back to get it and set up in the complete darkness.
Things work in mysterious ways at times and it proved to be a good move as 32 moths of 16 species arrived at the trap.
The best of the bunch were two L-album Wainscots and Feathered Ranunculus.
Full list of species at bottom of post.

Feathered Ranunculus 
L-album Wainscot 
Figure of Eight 
Barred Sallow 
Black Rustic 
Feathered Thorn

Macros recorded were:
LYU-7, Willow Beauty-1, Barred Sallow-4, Light Emerald-1, Figure of Eight-1, L-album Wainscot-2, Feathered Thorn-1, Black Rustic-1, November Moth agg.-3, Snout-2, Common Marbled Carpet-4, Spruce Carpet-1, Beautiful Hook-tip-1 and Feathered Ranunculus-1.

1 each of Micros recorded were:
Narrow-winged Grey (Eudonia angustea) and Ashy button (Acleris sparsana).
The latter micro Sam Bosanquet informs me has less than 20 records and is a new site here.  


  1. It sounds as though L-album is now established in SE-most Wales. Feathered Ranunculus is a nice record too.

  2. PS Black Rock is the kind of place that might have lots of flowering Ivy, so if you can locate suitable areas of Ivy in the daytime it would be worth a check of the Ivy with a torch (on a warm night when there aren't too many youths around)

  3. Thank you Sam for your kind comments.
    Funnily enough Sam, I did wonder around the site away from the trap for a few minutes with a torch and found 2 moths flying up in small trees that were indeed encompassed with Ivy blossom. Suffice to say, difficult to capture with twigs and branches offering protection.

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