Thursday, 8 August 2013

Nash 7th August
I only ever catch Bulrush Wainscots if I put a trap next to lots of reedmace and as it is one of my favourite moths I did just that. I placed the new LED trap in a ditch that was only created 3 years ago, but is already half full of reedmace. I say created, but it was actually restored as there had been a ditch there previously, but the farmer had filled it in to create a bigger field.
The trap was half way down the ditch bank and was not visible from the field next to it, so I only expected to catch a few moths, but these would hopefully include bulrush wainscots.
The next morning, I went to check the trap. There were quite a few moths outside the trap - always a good sign, including a blood-vein, a sallow kitten, 3 canary shouldered thorns and a willow beauty. There were moths flying around inside the trap and as usual a few flew off as I took off the lid. I checked the 4 egg trays one by one and all together there were  136 moths of 35 species. They included: 7 silver-Y's, 4 southern wainscots, 38 common/lesser common rustics, 33 flame shoulders, 1 brown china-mark, 5 six-striped rustics, 1 gothic, a female oak eggar and a dark sword-grass. Of course it was the last tray that I checked that had 2 bulrush wainscots!

Bulrush Wainscot

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