Sunday, 11 August 2013

Skenfrith - 9 August

A third visit to Skenfrith to "fill the gap" produced a very respectable 181 moths of 60 species.  Most to MV, but "sugaring" of a few trees by Kevin produced the Old Ladies:

Agriphila straminella                            Lesser Yellow Underwing
Agriphila tristella (4)                            Magpie
Antler Moth                                           Mother of Pearl (6)
Bird Cherry Ermine                                Oak Hook-tip
Black Arches                                         Old Lady (3)
Blood Vein                                            Orchard Ermine (3)
Blue Bordered Carpet                            Pale Prominent
Brimstone (6)                                         Pebble Prominent
Buff Footman                                         Peppered Moth (2)
Canary Shouldered Thorn                      Red Twin Spot Carpet (3)
Chequered Free Tree Tortrix                  Riband Wave
Carcina quercana                                 Rosy Footman
Common Pug                                         Ruby Tiger (6)
Common Rustic (2)                                Sallow Kitten (5)
Common White Wave                            Single Dotted Wave
Dark Arches                                          Silver Y (8)
Dingy Footman (15)                               Slender Brindle
Double Square Spot                               Small Fan-Footed Wave (5)
Drinker                                                  Small Phoenix (4)
Dunbar (4)                                             Small Rivulet (2) 
Early Thorn                                            Smokey Wainscot
Eudonia mercurella                              Snout (3)
Flame Shoulder (16)                               Spectacle
Gold Spot                                               Straw Dot
Iron Prominent                                        Swallow Prominent (2)
July Highflyer (3)                                     Tawny Speckled Pug
Knot Grass                                              Udea Prunalis (2)
Large Yellow Underwing (7)                    Willow Beauty (2)
Least Yellow Underwing                          Yellow Shell
Lesser BB Yellow Underwing                   Yellow-tail (6) 

Team on the night: Sheila, Fiona, Kevin, Max and myself. Thanks again to Jean Prosser of St Bridet's for allowing access and for alerting neighbours to the "lights". 
Old Lady at "Sugar" - thanks Max for photograph

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