Thursday, 8 August 2013

Redhouse Barns, Goldcliff 6th Aug

38 species came to an MV Robinson trap. 11 species were outside the trap - under the table it sits on and the wall of the barn which is approx 3m away. One of them was new to the reserve - a pretty chalk carpet. There were 2 magpies under the table and one in the trap. The species in the trap included 32 LBBYUW's, 42 common/lesser common rustics, 1 chocolate-tip, 1 dark sword-grass, 2 dog's-tooth, 4 blood-vein, 1 silver-Y, 1 straw underwing and 1 four-spotted footman.

1 of the 3 Magpies

Four-spotted Footman (new to the Reserve)

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