Thursday, 19 July 2012

July 17th Duffryn, Newport
I ran a trap in a garden on the edge of Duffryn, just off Morgan Way. The garden is backed by woodland with a lot of elms, ash and a few mature oak. Blackwall Reen is nearby. I used to trap regularly here about 7 and 8 years ago and had caught some really nice species. I wanted to trap here again because on the 18th I was working at Duffryn High School for their Eco Day and wanted to take a moth trap along to show the pupils what moths were flying locally.
On the morning of the 18th I went to check the trap. Catch included 2 poplar hawks, double lobed, yellow-tail, bee moth, engrailed, buff ermine, white ermine, beautiful hook-tip, buff arches, large yellow underwing and the usual suspects for this time of year. Not a brilliant catch, but enough to to impress the kids - especially the poplar hawk.
Running trap tonight (19th) at Newport Wetlands, fingers crossed......

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