Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Newport Wetlands Reserve - July

This female scarlet tiger was on the north facing side of Redhouse Barns, low down. I think she had just emerged - hence the raised wings - trying to dry them from emerging or just the continual rain? 

She was still in the same place the next day, so we transported her to Uskmouth where she had much more chance of attracting a mate. I think she must have been brought to Redhouse from Uskmouth as a caterpillar on a vehicle or trailer last summer and had then pupated. Soon after this I saw over 20 scarlet tigers flying together near the sea wall, adjacent to the most south easterly reedbed. Coming to the end of the flight season now. The hot sunny days I associate with this species have been very few and far between.
Kevin DupÄ—

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