Friday, 20 July 2012

Newport Wetlands 19th July
Quite a good catch at Redhouse Barns, Newport Wetlands National Nature Reserve, on the night of 19th July. Total of 33 species, including: 1 small dotted buff, 1 rosy footman, 6 common footman, 1 poplar hawk, 1 cloaked minor, 1 middle-barred minor, 1 scalloped oak, 3 short-cloaked moth, 1 elephant hawk, 6 silver-y, 2 early thorn, 2 burnished brass and 1 spectacle. Also, my first adult drinker of the year - nice to see after finding numerous larva earlier in the year.
Rosy footman are one of my favourite moths:

 Rosy Footman

Small dotted buff requires a photo for verification, so here it is:

Small Dotted Buff

Tonight I hope to run an MV trap over the Gaer Fort - depending on the weather.

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