Friday, 27 July 2018

Blorenge NW slopes

Hopes that the warm weather might encourage heathland and limestone moths to fly in the late afternoon of 26/7 weren't realised, but a birch in the shady part of Cwm Ifor produced 2 Phyllonorycter cavella (3rd Gwent record) and 2 different forms of Epinotia ramella, as well as Argyresthia brockeella and A. goedartellaAgriphila inquinatella were plentiful on the dry grassland, and I disturbed several Silver Y and 3 Diamond-back Moths from the heather.  Sweeping produced a Teleiopsis diffinis and a young larva of Beautiful Yellow Underwing Just 3 additions to the tetrad, but not a complete waste of time!


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