Friday, 22 June 2018

Highmeadow Woods

I had an interesting time surveying in the Wye Valley with Mike Howe and Rob Bacon (both NRW) yesterday. Thanks to Sam for reminding me about Caloptilia semifascia leaf cones on Field Maple. We saw quite a few of these near the river.
The most pleasing sightings of the day were two Wood Whites (in SO5414 & SO5415). We also saw nine Drab Loopers in this area, which was a bit of a surprise as I thought they'd be going over by now.
Micros were generally in short supply though I did beat Psychoides verhuella from tree foliage and we saw several Olindia schumacherana.


  1. Psychoides verhuella seems to be much less frequent here than P filicivora - 9 records vs 31 - though both are concentrated in the Wye Valley. The Wood White is lovely!

  2. Thanks Sam, that is a similar situation to Cardiff where filicivora is much the more frequent of the two.

    The Wood Whites were certainly a nice surprise.


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