Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Belated June sightings

After a backlog of records to trawl through due to computer issues, Martin Anthony has confirmed the two macro moths featured below.

Both are welcome new additions to me which adds to the great excitement of not exactly knowing what will turn up of an evening.

The first one Waved Carpet was found at St. Pierre's Great Wood on the 15th June had me spending some time working it out. I first thought that it had lost some of its scales during its lifetime and I wondered about dismissing it completly. Then I started to look at a type of Seraphim and although similar the posture did not fit but after more searching on-line I eventually found it.
The moth has a scarce distribution apparently and I wonder if it does not like coming to light.

Waved Carpet

The second macro featured is Haworth's Pug.
This was captured 5 days later at a Private Wood which the owner kindly allowed me to trap at. Wallwern Wood is relatively small and an unknown quantity but seemed to produce quite a few species during a very warm evening of the 20th June.
Suffice to say, it is a new site for Haworth's Pug. The caterpillar reportedly feeds on Traveller's Joy or possibly cultivated Clematis of which the former I see quite often around hedgerows and woods.

Haworth's Pug


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