Friday, 11 August 2017

A heathland wanderer - Matilella fusca new for Dingestow

The night of 11th August was relatively warm, and over 150 individuals of 44 species came to MV at Dingestow Court.  Most were ordinary, with my first Six-striped Rustic of the year the most interesting of the Macros.  However, two good Pyralids made an appearance: an Agriphila selasella and the dark but distinctive Matilella (Pyla) fusca.  The latter was new for Dingestow, taking the site total to 514 spp of Micro.  There are 9 Gwent records of this heather feeder: 7 come from lowland heath (Cleddon Bog, Wentwood) and upland edge (Cwmtillery, Sugarloaf & Blackwood), presumably indicating breeding colonies, whilst there are two records of wanderers to Dr Neil Horton's gardens in Usk and Llansoy.  There was a long gap in records between Dr Horton's last one in 1987 and those by Nick Felstead (2015) and Kevin Hewitt (2016), and I have waited a long time to see this species in Gwent. 

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  1. Well done Sam, pleased you have encountered one after your long wait.
    That's quite a well marked individual because I remember my capture being really quite dark, almost black with very little features forthcoming until I tweaked the exposure on the photographic program.