Monday, 31 July 2017

24th July

Chepstow Town- central.

Went for an early morning stroll in the town around 7.30 GMT today.
Nice and quiet not many people around and found this beauty, a Garden Tiger perched upon a window sill looking very fresh.
This moth can be found around urban habitats apparently, as in the case of this one.
The plants it feeds on include herbs, nettles, Docks and Burdocks which are often found throughout the countryside so maybe it should be found frequently elsewhere.
It is supposed to be classified common throughout the UK in my moth book but I find that hard to believe. It is now a moth of concern however and this probably is more of a realistic situation because many vice counties are reporting drastic declines in moth numbers in recent years.

As always if you don't trap in the correct places at the right time you can miss anything but I have trapped in various places at different times but not seen it. It flies late into the night so this could be a reason to have missed it possibly.

Its taken me 4 years to the day to have seen an adult once again. I'm extremely pleased to have encountered it once again because its a beautifully marked moth both on the fore and hind wings.
Hopefully Kevin Dupe will remember four years ago when I came down to Newport Wetlands to see what he had trapped in the reed beds and he picked up an egg box to reveal a lovely Garden Tiger. I managed to take some really nice pictures then and I ended up taking plenty of pictures once again because its so photogenic. A beautiful moth indeed and a pleasure to photograph.
Hopefully it will not take so long to see another one in the future!


  1. can't believe that was 4 years ago Nick. I trap a few every year here.

  2. Hi Nick,

    I recall in the 70's that this species was more widespread - certainly had an influence on me as I noticed them in the garden of the family home and have kept a look out for moths ever since. I don't see this species in the county these days, in fact I think I only have a single record for Ochrwyth. In sharp contrast, I have just returned from a trip to Cornwall where I trapped x7 individuals over a couple of weeks using a 25w actinic trap.