Saturday, 29 July 2017

14th July

Chepstow Park Wood, near Devauden

A breeze was blowing here this evening from the south-west. It was from a mild direction though and was not to last dying down as the evening progressed.
I did not expect much at this site I had chosen but was optimistic none the less because you just do not know until you try.
A bit of an unknown site as I said but pleased to encounter a good 49 species from 86 moths.
Many varieties of moth, most of which were common nationally. A few moths shone out amongst the crowd including an unexpected Black Arches (2), and Buff Footman (3). Rosy Footman did best if we did not included grass micros with 7 in total.

Micros were in reasonable numbers but mainly in singles.
The four photographs I've included in this post were all new encounters to me and I particularly like the close up I obtained of Ysolopha nemorella, hope you agree!

 Brown-barred Tortrix (Epagoge grotiana)
 Larch-bud Moth (Spilonota laricana)
 Rush Marble (Bactra lancealana)
Hooked Smudge (Ypsolopha nemorella)

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  1. Ypsolopha nemorella is a great record - it has only been seen 4 times previously in the county, all by me in 1998-2003 in the Penyclawdd woodlands. Well done!