Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Late October MV trapping


Two nights with the MV at Dingestow Court showed that moths are still around in reasonable numbers so long as it isn't too cold.  A female Autumnal Moth was the moth highlight of the 13 species caught on the drizzly night of 24th October, although a calling flyover Dunlin at 07:18 was new for Dingestow and much more exciting!  Southerly winds on the 25th October didn't produce any migrants, but they boosted the count to 20 species, with a male Vapourer the stand-out.  Supporting cast included Blair's Shoulder-knot, Merveille du Jour, BrickSallow f flavescens (when you see something so uniformly pale on a southerly airflow in late autumn your mind whirs through various rare Mythimna spp., but sadly this was just a Sallow!) and Hypsopygia costalis.


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  1. I too had a similar `sallow moment` this morning with a footman that accompanied some common migrants. I`ll post on the Carms blog later.