Monday, 24 October 2016

Ectoedemia argyropeza

It is a good time to look for the uncommon Micro Ectoedemia argyropeza, as fallen brown Aspen leaves may hold 'green islands' caused by the mines of this species.  Today I found it at the Yew Tree Wood - the 4th record for VC35 and the 500th Micro for my Dingestow recording area.  Spotting this species earlier in the year is very difficult, because it mines the leaf stalk of Aspen forming a small frass-filled gall.  It is even difficult in early autumn when the larva moves to the leaf base, because the mine is small.  Luckily the mining causes part of the leaf to stay green when the rest goes brown; this 'green island' is very easy to spot.  Keep your eyes peeled!

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  1. ...I certainly will keep my eyes peeled! Another useful pointer Sam.