Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Marbled Green new for Dingestow

A Marbled Green was pick of the moths at the Dingestow Court MV on 22/8: this was the 380th Macro for Dingestow and appears to be new for the SO40 10km square.  Other Macro highlights of the night included the first Pale Eggar I've caught here since 2007, a Cloaked Minor, and another Orange Swift.

There were as many species of Micro as Macro at the trap: 25 of each.  These included the 2nd Dingestow individual of Eudonia pallida - a pristine moth that shows this species has its own distinct character (I do worry that the increase in claims of E. pallida towards the end of the summer reflects some misrecording of worn Eudonia/Scoparia) - and the migrants Nomophila noctuella, Udea ferrugalis and Plutella xylostella.


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