Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Clavigesta purdeyi new for Gwent tops the bill

The first VC35 record of the increasing, Pine-feeding Tortricid Clavigesta purdeyi was highlight of a good haul of moths at Dingestow Court on 17/8.  The warm, overcast conditions were ideal for Micros, and Clavigesta was one of 29 species of Micro recorded.  Another increasing Tortricid, Crocidosema plebejana was another exciting catch: new for Dingestow and the 4th county record.

Winds seem to have come from nearby Maple trees, as both Small Yellow Wave and 3 Maple Pugs appeared.  The latter accompanied by an equally tiny Haworth's Pug.  Other notables among 42 species of Macro were 1 Least Yellow Underwing, 2 Phoenix, 1 Bloodvein and 1 Svensson's Copper Underwing.  4 nights of trapping - with better numbers each night as the weather has improved - have left me hoping for a wet night and a chance to sleep.

Maple Pug with a chequered border, yellowish tones, a slight discal spot, and an angled fascia
vs Haworth's Pug with very plain, rather greyish wings, no discal spot, a rounded fascia and an orange abdomen base




  1. Interesting lesson re those pugs Sam...I may have discarded such specimens as worn in the past - now I`ll take more care.

  2. Excellent re the Clavigesta, one I'd really like to see.