Sunday, 7 August 2016

Late July at Llandevenny


Been meaning to put this post up for some but have been very busy.
Took my moth trapping equipment with me and set up straight after work on the 29th July.
I had promised myself I would try this area during the summer months last year and also to take an opportunity to try out a completely different habitat to what I'm used to.
I was a bit out my comfort zone but thought I would embrace anything that arrived with Wainscot species highly likely on my list.
Agapeta zoegana f. ferrugana

Indeed wainscots arrived on this relatively calm evening in the form of 'Smoky' and a single 'Southern'.
An unusual form of Agapeta zoegana (Knapweed Conch) as Sam mentioned in the previous post turned up here.
Other new and exciting encounters included Coronet, Round-winged Muslin, Double Kidney on the macro front.
Round-winged Muslin
Double Kidney

On the micro front, Cataclysta lemnata (Small China-mark) and  Paraponyx stratioata (Ringed China-mark) were nice to see but the best and most striking micro was thought to have been a Schenobius gigantella (Giant Water Veneer). Kevin Dupe suggested that we had possibly a Donacaula forficella (Pale Water-veneer) instead.
After some further investigative work by Sam Bosanquet it indeed turns out that we have Donacaula forficella.
So, my thanks go to Kevin for bringing this up and to Sam for his time in confirming Kevin's thoughts. Well done both!

Ringed China-mark
Pale Water-veneer (Female)

Even though this wasn't  S. gigantella I'm still extremely pleased to have encountered the Nationally 'Localised' Donacauta forficella for the first time that evening marking a very productive trap.


  1. Hi Nick, a good night's trapping. I'm pretty sure though that this is a male Donacaula forficella, not S. gigantella. The wings are too pointy and there is a faint row of terminal dots as in forficella. Regards, Kevin

  2. Thanks Kevin for pointing this out. Sam has looked into this further and re-evaluated his initial thoughts and agrees with you. Well done.