Sunday, 7 August 2016

Autumn is on its way

A surge in late summer moths is good news for showing people a diverse range of colourful Prominents, Thorns etc, but sad because we're already slipping towards autumn and winter.  Both Dusky Thorn (x2) and Canary-shouldered Thorn made their Dingestow 2016 debuts at MV on 6th August, along with September and Purple Thorns, and Swallow, Pale, Pebble and Iron Prominents.

Six-striped Rustic also made its first 2016 appearance here, but a similarly coloured but chunky Rustic/Clay defied identification because it was too worn (it looked like Dotted Clay, which would be new for Dingestow, but I didn't have the heart to try gen det on it).

A good range of Micros included unusual forms of Agapeta hamana and A. zoegana, the former having additional markings on the forewing, and the latter being the apparently rare f. ferrugana which has also been caught recently by a couple of other Gwent moth'ers.  I have never seen it before, so perhaps it is having a good year.

The scarce Mompha langiella accompanied a more brightly-coloured M. locupletella, and there were two Yponomeuta plumbella together on the wall by the trap.

37 species of Macro and 17 species of Micro is hardly vintage, but at least there's a bit of variety.

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