Wednesday, 13 July 2016


The work security lights have been turning up a few moths this week while i have been on the night shift. As is the norm all my teabreaks when on nights are spent checking under the 30+ security lights around the factory.

Last night 13/7/16  I potted 11 species and one of them was a lifer for me in the shape of this Small Ranunculus.


  1. Excellent! I have never seen adult Small Ranunculus, only the larvae. When I first started Gwent mothing, this species was extinct in Britain, and its arrival and spread in SE Wales has been remarkable.

  2. I've only ever seen one adult too, but hundreds of larvae. They are trap shy.

  3. Seen one at Chepstow in 2013 and it did end up in the trap. However as Kevin says loads of larvae around but adults are trap shy along with Large Ranunculus I find.