Sunday, 10 July 2016

Best numbers of 2016 so far

Warm winds and overcast conditions led to a catch of 81 species to MV at Dingestow on 8th July.  Micros figured large, with 32 species including a particularly wide range of Tortricids.  There wasn't anything very rare though: the best Macros were Small Emerald, Scarce Silver-lines and True Lover's-knot, although Wood Carpet would be better (2nd Dingestow record) if correct.  I find this species rather troubling because almost all on-line photos have a grey line along the white bands, but that is meant to be a feature of Common Carpet.  I think/hope mine is Wood, but would appreciate other people's expert opinions.

Among the Micros were a couple of metallic Coleophora with white antenna tips (these would previously have been called C. frischella but are almost certainly C. alcyonipenella, an ID that needs gen. det.), a B&W Recurvaria leucatella, a gorgeous Lozotaenioides formosanus, and a worn Metzneria metzneriella.  A Diamond-back Moth may indicate local breeding, although I hope not for the garden's sake.


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