Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Yarrow Tortricids

5 spare minutes waiting for a friend to drop Bea off after school gave me an opportunity to sweep the herb-rich grassland verge (with pollinator signs) by the St Dial's slipway, Monmouth.  Three Yarrow-feeding Dichrorampha were present in quantity: D. petiverella (curved yellow blotch), D. montanana (triangular grey blotch) and D. sequana (square white blotch; photo).  The last of these has rather an odd series of VC35 records: two from Usk by Neil Horton, a series of sightings in a garden in Rhymney in 1997; and my record from Dixton Embankment in 1999.  It's a distinctive little thing, so seems genuinely scarce here.

Almost as nice as these Micros was the dark-winged Robberfly Dioctria atricapilla.

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  1. Nice selection of Dichrorampha species. In VC41 I've only seen sequana at Barry Docks.