Sunday, 19 June 2016

Magor Marsh

On 29th May I visited Magor Marsh with the kids, and was very impressed by all the nice beetles, flies and dragonflies on display. We didn't see many moths on the day, but I took home a rolled sallow leaf and stuck it in a pot and forgot about it. Yesterday I noticed something flying around in the pot, and lo and behold, this lovely moth had emerged...

Anacampsis populella

The best of the beetles seen on the day was probably this 'false darkling beetle' Melandrya caraboides, which landed on my arm.

Melandrya caraboides (female)


  1. I remember finding Melandrya on a part-decaying Salix alba in a similar `levels` landscape (now much reduced) SE of Llanelli, Carms - c 25 years ago. Nice find Sam.

  2. I should have of course said George above and not Sam...I was pre-conditioned to mostly seeing Sam`s comments. Sorry George.