Thursday, 23 June 2016

Truly grotty

The Elachistidae (in the traditional sense) includes some small, indistinctly-marked moths, and Elachista rufocinera is one of the less distinct.  One I swept today at Dingestow had scattered rufous scales on a white wing, and a dark line in the cilia, so I'm pretty certain the ID is correct (various other families were ruled out, eg because of smooth head scales, lack of eye-cups etc).

Elachista rufocinerea from Dingestow (left) and Surrey (right), the latter for comparison

A Beautiful Hook-tip was the only other notable moth imago during a brief session of beating and sweeping, although an Oak Beauty larva was nice to see.  Other invertebrate highlights were the Longhorn beetle Stenurella melanura and the Hoverfly Chrysotoxum verralli.


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