Tuesday, 21 June 2016

More daytime spotting

Whilst plodding around setting up a marquee etc for a friend's party at Dingestow, I noticed two diurnal Micros: 2 Endothenia nigricostana sitting on Ivy leaves near a Woundwort patch, and a Monochroa tenebrella fluttering around Sorrel plants.  Both were new for Dingestow, raising the site Micro tally to 489.
A poor photo of Endothenia nigricostana (the other individual had a better yellow dorsal patch)

Nearby was an Anaglyptus mysticus Longhorn Beetle feeding on pollen, and I also saw Strangalia maculate and Stenocorus meridianus over the weekend.

Anaglyptus mysticus

Dinegstow's third Blotched Emerald was the highlight of 25 species to MV on 16th June, although our visitors were much more impressed by an Eyed Hawk-moth.

Blotched Emerald


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  1. It`s amazing what a bit of `plodding` can do - but only when you have knowledge and field skills! Not seen any of the above, so a nice trio. (see also my belated comment on your y-l clearwing post)