Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Olindia schumacheriana

I noticed several insects fluttering over the lane as I drove back through Skenfrith after school drop-off, so stopped briefly to net some.  It turns out that the gorgeous black & white Tortricid flies actively in morning sunshine: I netted 3 males in flight and swept a female from the hedge.  The larger, broad-banded female was much more placid when I photographed them later, whereas the smaller, broken-banded male flew off as soon as I released him from the tube.

My day started early, with an 04:30 check of the MV that I'd run overnight in the hope of migrants on the southerly wind.  The catch of 50+ species was better than in recent weeks, but didn't hold anything of particular note.  Perhaps the most interesting species were Beautiful Hook-tip, Beautiful Golden Y, Broad-bordered Yellow-underwing, Small Dotted Buff and Lychnis.

Numbers might have been higher if it wasn't for the furry little fellow who was hanging in the porch above where I was trapping...

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