Monday, 27 June 2016

Hands up if you like Micros...

Stathmopoda pedella rests with its hands (well one pair of legs) up in the air.  This is an uncommon Micro with very few Welsh records, the majority of which come from Gwent (3 from Dingestow and 1 from Chepstow).  I beat one today from an old Alder during an unsuccessful hunt for clearwing exuviae.

Probably even better was the Longhorn Beetle Glaphyra umbellatarum: a Notable species with perhaps no previous VC35 records (NBN shows one from Brecknock and a few from 10km squares in Herefordshire bordering Gwent).  This was a lucky catch, by hand, as it flew through the garden this evening.


  1. Ah pedella, one of the micros I'd most like to see! I've tried beating alders at Peterston-super-Ely in VC41, without luck.

  2. Very jealous...that`s all I`m saying! (apart from `well done`).

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