Thursday, 9 June 2016

A few more Dingestow moths

Another warm night on Monday was messed up by a powercut.  I'm not sure what time the electricity came back on, nor therefore when the Actinic trap started, but the total of 20 species in there was poorer than I had hoped.  Highlight was a Bordered White, as they don't wander into the garden very often, and it was nice to catch another Puss Moth and a few 10s of Diamond-back.  A scrappy-looking presumed Tortricid still eludes identification - its long wings, pale palps and apical dots look as though they should be relatively distinctive...

The polytunnel 'malaise' trap continues to produce various day-flying Micros including a couple of fresh Dichrorampha petiverella, a Mompha subbistrigella and an Alabonia geoffrella. 



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  1. Thanks for your comment on GMRG, Sam. Yes, similar to mine from Alun Valley. It will be interesting to see what yours is. Please do let me know if possible if you get an answer. I've kept mine for reference.