Tuesday, 5 April 2016

25th March

Chepstow Park Wood

Did somebody mention a newt?

Moth trapping as well-seasoned trappers know, can and often attracts other forms of insects.
Caddis Fly, Cockchafer, Wasps, Bees, dangerous Hornets, Fly's and as I've now found out small invertebrates.
The 7 species of moth that arrived are always of interest but as Sam mentioned on the previous post, one can be distracted by the unexpected in the 'field'.
I believe this might be a Smooth Newt which turned up on this trapping session.
I had just gone to get myself a coffee and upon my return this guy turned up upon the sheet.
It was fascinated by the light and I have to say I was equally fascinated by it. I thought at first it was a Common Lizard but the webbed feet and slow deliberate forward movements ruled that out.
If somebody could enlighten me as to what it is it would appreciated, thanks. It has been (excuse the pun) bugging me for some time and as Sam has mentioned it I thought I would ask the question.



  1. Male palmate newt - parallel lines of dots along the tail plus you can just see the small filament at the end of the tail...

  2. Thanks Vaughn.
    Just had a look at the the Palmate newt online and they are simular to the Smooth newt in several features.
    The two species are easily confused apparently to the untrained eye, so hopefully this might help
    anybody else trapping out there to ID this inquisitive newt.