Saturday, 9 April 2016

1st April
Near Highmoor Hill

Barred Tooth-striped
A first for Vice County 35 and for Wales
I thought I would conduct only my 3rd trap this year at a new location near Highmoor Hill.
The weather forecast was expected to keep dry in this area although the patchy rain band was not too far away out the west.
Winds were quite strong into the evening with gusts but the woodland offered some shelter.
I didn't expect too many moths to turn up as it then began to rain later but was happy and determined to get a few trapping hours in to get back into the swing of things after the winter period, so I carried on and 'toughed' it out.
Luckily I brought along an umbrella to cover the trap to fend off the rain although when I left the scene for a few moments the wind had other ideas prising it away to send it cartwheeling across the ground several times.

By the end of the evening I was pleased with the haul considering the conditions; 26 moths of 11 species with quite a few Clouded Drab and Common Quaker about.
The list included Common Quaker, Small Quaker, Clouded Drab, Early Grey, Hebrew Character, a nice Pine Beauty, Early Thorn, a Twin-spotted Quaker and March Moth both of which I was happy with, plus two unknowns.

I just jotted down November Moth? and Carpet on my pad having absolutely no idea as to what they were.
Getting back home I downloaded the pictures and tried matching them on the Norfolk site.... and there they were, two types of  'Tooth-striped' Moth an 'Early and Barred'.
Suddenly looking at the details I saw National Scarce A underneath the 'Barred' and alarm bells went off!

I immediately sent the pictures to Martin Anthony in the early hours who then upon receipt said he hadn't seen one before so he had to get it confirmed.
Not too long after Mark Parsons from Butterfly Conservation in Dorset confirmed it as a Barred Tooth-striped moth, making this the first sighting of one of these species in Vice county 35 and indeed the whole of Wales.

Early Tooth-striped (top) and Barred Tooth-striped below



  1. "Toughing" it out paid off for you Nick. Nice record.

    1. Thanks Melvin, they were difficult conditions but just proves they are out there despite the weather.
      Best of luck for your mothing exploits for 2016 by the way.