Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Seaview Moths 30th June

Last night was still and humid here.
This morning we were overwhelmed by the number of moths in and around our  Robinson trap. We counted 160+ macro moths from 40+ species.
New for us were Lychnis, Barred yellow, White speck and Marbled green.

Most astonishing however were hundreds of Crambidae; in the trap, on the wall and floor and flying around even this morning.
Not being very skilled at identifying micros I await expert opinion, the attached photo illustrates our difficulties......

Diana and John


  1. Hi Diana,

    That looks like Obscure Wainscot rather than White-speck.


  2. The Crambid looks like Chrysoteuchia culmella. I agree with George that the Wainscot is an Obscure, which is likely to be a very good VC35 record.

  3. Well done Diana and John on the Obscure Wainscot.
    I can concur with you regarding the amount of moths found in the trap that morning- I had a horrendous time myself trying to sort them out!
    All worth it though, as I had some very important species turn up.