Thursday, 2 July 2015

23rd June
Black Rock, Portskewett
A belated post.

Barry Catlin and I decided we should conduct our 3rd ever 'field' moth trapping session at Black Rock.It was a good quiet night with little breezes to speak of.
Trapped 30 species exactly in the short time we were there with some new species for the both of us.

Black Rock was visited back in 2013 by the likes of Kevin Dupe and Richard Clark. They kindly invited me along a few times to understand the processes of moth trapping 'in the field' and to help out.
(I'm sure they remember the thunderstorm we battled through during the trap in August!)

I do remember collecting a few micros upon which they took back home in an effort to try to identify.
One such micro turned out to be a first for the Vice County in the form of Tachystola acroxanthia, or 'Ruddy Streak' by its common name.

That night Barry and I also trapped a single Tachystola acroxanthia to re-confirm its presence here.
Also of interest on the micro front that evening was Ephestia unicolorella (False Cocao Moth).

Tachystola acroxanthia

Ephestia unicolorella

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  1. I think the Ephestia would need dissecting to confirm, I'm afraid. E. parasitella looks very similar.