Thursday, 25 June 2015

Piercefield Woods

We'd another excellent night of trapping for Scarce Hook-tips last night, this time in Piercefield Woods. This site hasn't been trapped before as it is difficult to access, but NRW sorted out permission to drive cars through Piercefield Park, so we managed to get the equipment into the woods above the cliffs.

Between 8 traps we caught 14 Scarce Hook-tips, all very fresh males, as well as the other lime specialists Pauper Pug, Salebriopsis albicilla and Dichomeris ulstalella.

Scarce Hook-tip

Dichomeris ustalella
From the two nights of trapping it appears that Scarce Hook-tip is well established throughout the Piercefield-Wyndcliff-Blackcliff woodland complex, which is great news.

Other nice moths caught last night included Ruddy Carpet, Green Arches, Treble Brown-spot, Small Yellow Wave, Lunar Thorn, Satin Lutestring, Shark, Mocha and Eudonia delunella.
Ruddy Carpet

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