Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Black Cliff last night

We had a bit of a 'mega' session at Black Cliff Wood (ST5398), with 4 MV lights and 4 actinic traps running for much of the night, in an attempt to find Scarce Hook-tip in this part of the Blackcliff-Wyndcliff Woods complex for the first time. In this we succeeded, with a total of 10 fresh males - most of these being in Martin Anthoney's trap. We also recorded two of the other Small-leaved Lime specialists, Pauper Pug and Salebriopsis albicilla.
Scarce Hook-tip
Salebriopsis albicilla
Other highlights included Orange Moth (caught by Nick and Scott from NRW), Waved Carpet, Beautiful Carpet, Blomer's Rivulet (about 100!), Eudonia delunella, Strophedra weirana, Eidophasia messingiella and Pammene herrichiana (tbc).

Orange Moth
Waved Carpet
Eidophasia messingiella (atypical)
Eudonia delunella
Pammene herrichiana
George (Butterfly Conservation Wales)

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  1. Sounds & looks like you all had a good result George.