Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Slade Wood today

Singles of Grizzled Skipper and Painted Lady, as well as an unexpected Hummingbird Hawk (which, as usual, failed to hang around for a photo). There were also a few individuals of the rare tortricid moth Eucosma aspidiscana in the quarry. The foodplant for this species is Goldenrod, which abounds at the site.


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  2. Good to hear Euscoma aspidiscana (Golden-rod Bell) is doing well and thriving in the wood, George.
    When I encountered them in 2013 I managed to count 8. Last year they numbered 11..so pretty stable all in all.
    I find they are difficult to see at first, but at least when you do manage to cast your eye on one, they tend not to fly to far!

  3. That's right, they are flighty but don't seem to fly far. I've now seen them every year from 2012 to 2015, but not as many as you've seen.

    The management of the quarry for Grizzled Skipper, by removing the birch scrub, seems to be good for them as it keeps the goldenrod nice and open.